Porn star Jessica Drake did THIS just a day before accusations against Trump

In case the elections in America couldn’t get anymore scandalous, they just did. Days ago, porn star Jessica Drake came forth with an interesting story of how she was once offered $10,000 to essentially sleep with Donald Trump.  Trump, reportedly met Drake at a 2006 Golf a Tournament in Lake Tahoe (which has since been verified by a photo produced by her lawyer Gloria Aldred).

However, it gets interesting. Just a day before Drake sat in a room flanked by reporters, published a news release online confirming that Drake had launched an online store featuring some questionable products available for purchase.

‘Ten years ago I was working for Wicked Pictures at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.
‘I was at Wicked’s celebrity gift room in the morning before he teed off. He flirted with me and invited me to walk along the golf course, which I did,’ said Drake during the event.

The same event that Donald claims he didn’t know about and had “never met her” citing that her claims in the conference were false and malicious.

But it gets interesting. Donald claims he never met her, but…

A photo of Donald and Jessica Drake at the 2006 Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe.


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