Clinton avoiding questions about latest pay to play arrangement revelation

While Hillary Clinton is busy amping up the end of her campaign, Wikileaks on the other hand, is busy releasing even more damning emails that implicate Clinton more than ever before. In newly release batches, it was revealed that Clinton had reportedly attempted to discuss making an appearance in Morrocco but only for a hefty payment.

Emails showed that top aides and the royal kingdom in Morrocco deliberated for some time over a $12m arrangement towards the Clinton Global Initiative and a conference style appearance in the micro nation’s capital. The revelations come at a time when Clinton has already been heavily battered by Wikileaks, a website, that has now leaked most of the top products against Clinton entirely.

Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin was also caught in emails after she reportedly said “She made this mess and knew it” referring to reported human rights violations in the micro nation. Clinton, later pulled out of the event entirely.

Saturday morning during a press comp on Clinton’s campaign  plane that The Daily News on, Clinton, refused to formally discuss her issues with Wikileaks.

‘I have nothing to say about Wikileaks, other than I think we should all be concerned about what the Russians are trying to do to our election and using Wikileaks very blatantly to try to influence the outcome of the election,’ Clinton said on Saturday.


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