American Airlines attendant reveals dark day she was raped by Donald Trump

NEW YORK — It’s 6:08 am on a Sunday morning in the Big Apple, and, the days only just getting started.  I arrived at approximately 5:45 am to a specified meeting location in Manhattan whereas I was met by a rather beautiful young woman; striking appearance, somber, armed with a story to tell.

Identified as “Jane Doe” to protect her privacy,an employee of American Airlines, the woman first contacted me one week prior to today. In tensely exchanged emails detailing the account of an alleged rape at the hands of Donald Trump, who she says,  sexually assaulted her four years ago inside his Las Vegas hotel.

Imitially eery of the story, The Daily News confirmed the existence of such receipts dating back to the young woman’s hotel stay — adding what would become the inevitable credibility to her claim. On May 16th 2012,  the woman, who was staying at Trump’s palatial Vegas digs had a chance encounter with the now Republican presidential nominee.

“He was very direct and intimidating” she told me. “He didn’t care that I wasn’t entertaining his advances, or best, his attempts to approach me that way” she continued.

But it gets worse.

The woman then goes on to continue that “First, he kissed me on the lips after approaching me despite my anxiety about his presence without my explicit consent” she disclosed.. also… “He then proceeded to show up at my room later that night, offering a bottle of champagne as an apology after noticing just how entirely upset I had been earlier”.

Unfortunately, this is where it gets troubling.

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“Donald later made his entry into my room despite my attempts to get him to go away.”  She said  “You know its women like you that make it easy to be me. I can do whatever I want, because I’m me. ” Donald reportedly said.

This was when the young woman realized that something was a bit off.  But not before Trump proceeded focus remove his clothes and approach the young woman move more.

Certain graphic details were omitted from this news report due to content restrictions.

An exclusive interview with the latest Donald Trump accuser is set to publish Tuesday in THE Daily News. To protect her identity for the sake of her job with American Airlines she will not be formally identified.





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