Two women say Donald Trump inappropriately touched them: New York Times

Apparently there’s much more to the Donald’s sexual harassment saga that the world hadn’t quite discovered yet. According to damning details from The New York Times, a woman dating back to the 1980’s has come forth revealing that during s first class cabin flight to NYC — “Donald Trump innapropriately groped me after he lifted my arm rest”.

The woman, identified as Mrs Leeds, claims that during a 1980’s flight to New York City that Trump had reportedly lifted up her arm rest and then proceeded to grope her. The revelations come after Leeds, er, “wanted to punch her television” .

The News has once again rattled much debate about Trump’s state of mental health and his treatment of women. Clinton has since pounced on the news citing that Trump is further unfit for President and must be stopped. Trump himself denied the claims which date back to at least 2005, and has since threatened legal action

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