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Donald Trump is in deep trouble: Reports

NEW YORK — One thing is for certain, nobody wants to be Donald Trump right now. According to numerous women (that started with a single story in The New York Times) he has a strong history of sexual miscomduct against women. Four women and numerous former teen beauty pageant contestants have come forward revealing their own encounters with The Donald.

Former pageant contestant Tasha Dixon repeated to news outlets across the world that she recalled many instances in which Trump would enter the dressing rooms of young women, perhaps, unannounced. “There was no moment to put on a second robe or anything, some girls were topless or entirely naked”.

Another woman reportedly told The Guardian of how in 2001 that Trump despite being told by security to stay out of pageant dressing rooms, would enter them anyway. “He would do it even when we were naked or topless, because he knew he could..”.

  • A reported video from a 1992 Christmas special featuring a young girl and Trump has now surfaced. The video shows Donald proudly exclaiming that “Ill be dating her in ten years”.


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