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Warren Buffett fires back at Trump’s claims regarding his taxes

If there’s one thing Warren Buffett doesn’t like,er, that’s Trump claiming Warren has either written off on his taxes or use weird loopholes to avoid paying taxes all together.  The claims were first made by Trump after he received even heavier criticism during the second Presidential debate about his own taxes.

“Clinton’s own big time donors use tax breaks and loopholes all the time.” Trump said during the debate. He was referencing billionaire Warren Buffet who he had claimed had used loopholes to avoid paying taxes  on his massive fortune both personal and business wise.

This is where the stories differ.

According to Buffett,  he has purportedly paid federal taxes since at least 1944. This means collectively Buffet is reportedly claiming to have roughly 72 tax returns and has consecutively paid the appropriate taxes each year.

Buffett used the response opportunity to further claw Trump over his own returns that Buffet noted would cause no legal issues for the real estate mogul.

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