Our secret Santa Programs are back

But this year we’re making it a community project with the world. This year we are aiming to bring as many toys and gifts to unfortunate children across the world as possible.

From our headquarters in London to the unusual world of Japan and back to California – we have one goal: make it a very merry Christmas for kids who necessarily wouldn’t get it otherwise.

So, how does it work? Simple! In America you can take your gifts to your local post office and have them mailed to our headquarters in Atlanta and we will disperse them,  or,  you can wait for our annual list of places that disperse the toys across America.


We are doing something rather special this year.  We have three $4000 shopping sprees for the holidays this year. We are looking for three amazing families deserving of the shopping sprees to make their holiday season the most memorable ever.

Think your family rocks? Submit a video on YouTube and tag it “Bazaar Daily News” “Christmas Extravaganza”. Our editors will review each tagged video and determine which family rules.


submission deadline: 15 December

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