New documents show suspicious activity within Kim Kardashian ‘s circle

Newly unearthed documents regarding Kanye West’s financial assets have been uncovered, and, they provide more questions than answers in the apparent race to find the men who robbed Kardashian. According to the documents picked up by The Daily News through anonymous sources at  JP Morgan Chase, Kanye West took out a massive line of equity credit against his Soho apartment in July.

It gets deeper. According to documents, the line of credit came out to about $2m. Meaning the bank will make such payments but no more than that as needed. The documents show that West has been given until 2036 to pay the money back to the bank.


This is where it gets interesting.

Further into the documents, it was revealed that the loan on West’s massive Soho apartment was finalized on 27 September just days before Kardashian was actually robbed of 13 jewels in Paris. The timing of such a loan has sparked questions as to the state of West’s financial standing as he is already $53m in debt.

Our sources at JP Morgan say that the loan was finalized on 27 September me done largely in secret until the documents legally had to be filed within the state and in accordance with banking laws in the United States.

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