Just a month after Uber crash, Sultan Khan is back on top

Despite having little to no memory of the crash,  and,  long term memories at that — Sultan Khan is putting his medical issues aside to step back into his digital throne.

Following release from his psychical therapy requirements,  and doctors recommendations, SK will be appearing at all of Young Saint’s upcoming gigs and the world premiere of Tyler Perry’s BOO!.

Furthermore,  Sultan Khan is expected to be dressed from one of his newest favourite clothing exports straight from the SS17 runway.

UPDATE: It has been determined that Sultan Khan will continue to make his obligations but in moderation. He is scheduled to continue physical therapy per recommendations from his doctor.

10-13 UPDATE: Sultan remains at home in private care whereas he is under supervision for his black outs and almost terrifying  ugly terrors at night time. He is scheduled to be checked out for those problems this week by a neurologist.

To contact Sultan Khan email sultank91@icloud.com

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