Edward Snowden: Close your Yahoo accounts now

Edward Snowden is no stranger to the discussion of web security and freedom. So much so, that the discussion of Marissa Mayer’s compliance with a government order to scan e-mails in Yahoo for whatever reason possible wasn’t off limits.

It emerged last week in exclusive reports of how Yahoo was ordered by the United States Government and the NSA to create a top secret e-mail program that could scan and all-day at that for e-mails and attachments that the government sought necessary for data collection. The news, perhaps, has rattled e-mail users for the struggling search engine.

According to the IB Times, Snowden himself, has since jumped on the band wagon convincing people to close their Yahoo accounts. Granted, the government order sought specific attachments and phrases, but it has since been confirmed that under Mayer’s rule, she knowingly allowed her systems to scan hundreds of millions of e-mails and turned them over to the government. Interestingly, whether they contained the noted phrases or attachments or not.

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