Donald Trump wants to eliminate most of the federal regulations in America

Donald Trump is a Presidential candidate of allot of mouth, but little action. In a town-hall meeting in New Hampshire, the Republican Presidential nominee reportedly had tough stuff to say to crowds interested in hearing his take and plan-of-action on federal regulations put into place by the Obama administration.

Trump told crowds that he intended to erase at least 70% of the federal regulations currently in place in the United States, which of those 70% he would erase from life in America was one may know it, nobody is quite sure at this time.

“We are cutting the regulation at a tremendous clip. I would say 70% of regulations can go,” Trump said. “It’s just stopping businesses from growing.” he continued during his town hall meeting.

Trump’s advisors denied when asked by The Daily News if these were moved or carefully mapped out activities and discussions ahead of Sunday’s debate.

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