Trump has a Tweeting problem

Donald Trump is apparently a late night tweeter, so much so, that the world has taken notice to some particular tweets that.come out at no later than 3am. First, Trump’s Twitter tweets made news after they drew comparisons to Hillary Clinton ‘s 2008 campaign ad that criticized the thought of a candidate receiving a phone call at 3am.

The Washington Post seems to agree. The editorial board took to the web to discuss their own thoughts on Trump and came to the conclusion that he just wasn’t and isn’t physcologically prepared in any manner to be commander in chief.

“His invitation for Americans to go look at a ‘sex tape’ is beyond bizarre and may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back of his campaign,” writes Rubin. “This is plainly a man unhinged, unable to accept his defeat in the debate and—tweeting in the middle of the night—lacking any impulse control.”

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