A liar; thief, and Chris Brown’s white girl problem

There’s a crazy lady on the loose, er, looking for what amounts to nothing more than a payday.  Baylee Curran, 24, was apparently the latest among a string of women to appear at Chris Brown ‘s California mansion.

The problem? Curran, 24, appears to have concocted some bizarre story that Brown pulled a gun on her threatening her life after she allegedly admired a friends jewelry (he had good reason, if he did, she is wanted for theft of a designer purse in NYC).

Brown, was detained by Los Angeles police after a 10 hour stand off. As of this writing, police confirmed that he was released from jail on $250,000 bail.

Sources in NYC confirmed that Curran is a wanted kleptomaniac after a fight ensued at the Plaza Hotel with a friend in the city. Curran, 24, is wanted for the theft of a trendy designer purse from the same friend.

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