Mylan ‘s plan to add discount cards for EpiPen is typical corporate PR fix

Mylan is learnin exactly what a PR disaster is, er, after they decidedly opted to hike the price for one of the world’s first life-savin prescription items: The EpiPen.  Thursday afternoon, Mylan, announced that the price for a typical EpiPen pack would rise from the usual in America to more than $600 for a pack  of just two of the life-savin pens. The problem? That’s quite the exorbitant cost for most Americans, who, already pay  inconsistent prices within their own healthcare system. Mylan, has, er, since announced that they’re set to push out a bunch of discount cards in an effort to pick up the cost of the prescription pen, but, the problem still persists.

For those that remember, (we won’t name names), there was a man a while back who did the same particular to a prescription item used by millions. He, later hiked the price to an abnormal price that soon resulted in his ultimate demise from the pharma industry. Except, er, this time, the situation and spectrum is different.  Heather Bresch, the CEO of Mylan,  came out in apparent offense of the hike of a prescription that she actually and literally oversees. No, there wasn’t a pun there.

Let’s break it down.

EpiPen for those that aren’t aware is partially manufactured and the like in the Netherlands, perhaps, rather than America. Bresch, some years back, moved the company to the Netherlands in a last ditch effort presumably to ditch US taxes all as a whole. The move, er, was never addressed by law makers and the like.  In case it couldn’t become any more jaw-droppin, Bresch’s  father (yes, father!) is a Senator from WV.

Oh, yeah — there is such as a conflict of interest: and a monstrous one.

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