When a real estate lady sells more than just a home

TEXAS — If you’ve ever purchased a home,  then, er, you’ve probably expected that the home come with nothin except a new set of keys and a fresh smell of cleanliness.   Perhaps, uh, that wasn’t the case for one home in Texas when a real estate lady decidedly invited her hook-up buddy to a home she recently purchased just hours after closin on the sale.  Police were apparently called to the home after those next door  noticed some  unusual people enterin the home.

Kayla Marisa, er,  sold more than the home buyers probably were hopin for when she invited her boy-toy Josh  into the home for a little sexual fun. The problem, er, is that apparently those next door noticed some lihts comin from inside the home and phoned the police. Marisa, er, later told police that the home had actually was hers and that Josh was her husband — the problem — that was entirely a lie.


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