Man rapes two teens at party, receives only probation

This perhaps has a stench of  well, er, never mind.  News reports published today indicate that a Mass. teen has received no jail time over court showdowns leadin back to April that he raped two women at a party back in April.  Court documents show that the women claimed that they were raped by David Becker, perhaps, which makes it worse, while they were intoxicated and practically unconscious.

Problems have since arose since the judicial announcement citin that Becker shall only receive two years probation for the rapes, rather, than jail time.  Perhaps, even more interestin, if Becker makes it past his two year probation without any problems — it will be as if he never raped the two women to start with.  One of the victims had told cops at the time that she had heard many rumors of Becker, also, reportedly known as “David the Rapist” around campus and  within her circle of friends.

In the rulin, it was ordered that Becker receive two years probation so he could “enjoy an upper education experience”.  The University of Dayton confirmed to The Daily News that Becker will NOT be attendin the school in any manner followin the rulin.


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