Huma Abedin once worked at a radical Muslim journal: Reports

She’s the woman of mystery, but the lady of the moment.  And now, it appears, that some certain stuff about Abedin ‘s past has come forth in the mix. The New York Post was the first to report that Abedin just after Clinton ‘s famous 1995 speech in China “Women’s equality is human equality” edited a strictly Islamic Muslim journal that held some pretty radical beliefs.

In case it couldn’t become anymore interestin, Abedin ‘s mother is actually still the Editor in Chief accordin to the same news report. This notion and the news report in itself actually are harshly the opposite of what Clinton supported durin the UN Women’s Conference in the 90’s in China.

The journal once  complained that mom’s; unmarried women, and homosexual people of any kind should not be  deemed families.  That there “lifestyles were an indirect violation of the Islamic code” further addin that “liberated women” were just “askin for trouble” rather than those that  carefully cover up their modesty and their bodies.

Huma Abedin declined to comment on the story.

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