A bizarre web of lies and a little lady who murdered her mother

There’s problems with your mother, and then, there’s these  problems with your mother.  Datin back three years or so, a little lady in Missouri made international headlines after she killed her mother after years of bein  forced to lie about the illnesses she never had.   Blancharde, was her name, in fact — a name many probably already remember. The ittle ady had apparently suffered years of emotional turmoil and abuse at the hands of her mother who apparently sufered from a number of mental illnesses. That illness bein Munchhausen by Proxy Syndrome.

Blancharde, had practically rown up in a world of petty lies and deceit at the hands of her mother, whereas she had notoriously been forced to tell lies  in reference to her health that included and often went as far as to claim that she had cancer and the like. The issue, er, was that her mother was ill and was after whatever donation or sympathy she could  receive.

Years into the abuse, Blancharde, had apparently found her way to the internet whereas she later met a man named Nick who would later become a foclap art in the murder of her ill mother that had caused her problems for so many years.  Nick, would later stand accused of holdin the knife that would eventually kill Dee Dee.   Accordin to police records and the like,  Blancharde had apparently been made to believe for yeas that she was nineteen at the time in which she killed her mother, but, she was actually 23 years old. She,  is up for parole in 2023.

Nick, however, still faces trial.

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