Loretta Williams issues response to backlash over Otis article

A previously published article claimed that Loretta Williams had issued a number of comments and photos to various publications and what not, statin, that Otis was a woman beater. The story was misinterpreted and not entirely factual. In phone chats with William’s herself,   Loretta cleared up the story and confirmed that she never actually stated to any one media outlet that  Otis was  a woman beater.

“The story that claimed that I was statin to media outlets that Otis Reddin was a woman beater is entirely fictitious and not true. In no way shape or form have I ever claimed that Otis was any kind of woman beater. In my book, I, stated everythin that happened and accurately and no where in that book did I state that Otis was a woman beater.   Any future stories that come about claimin such, are, entirely false”.

“The claims made about white women are entirely false, and, are farthest from the character of Otis himself or any member of the band” William’s  said in a statement to  The Daily News.

William’s is willin to speak to the media; in person, or in e-mails.   She can be seen and spoken to at Second Chance Ministries 155 9th Avenue Chickasaw, AL 36611.  William’s book book and her actual statements can be seen in the book by snappin up a copy at Trafford Publishin or Amazon.com.

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