The Rebirth of A Rape, and Nate Parker

Rape is surely no easy task to discuss in modern day, given, that it’s often claimed that the sex was consensual or something of that nature. But, that’s neither here nor there. This time, perhaps, a famed first time actor and director Nate Parker, has, found himself in the midst of calls for a protest after news of a rape case involving his persons has been uncovered.

In 1999, Parker was accused of raping a woman while she was drunk and unconscious at a party during their college tenure at Penn State University. The woman, never identified, 30, took her own life many years later in a damning article first revealed by Variety magazine.

The woman had initially maintained that Parker and hiss roommate Jean had raped her while drunk, but, Parker was later acquitted in 2001 on all charges . Jean, however, was convicted of sexual assault but such was later overruled by the judge presiding over the entire case. The interesting feat, mostly, is that The Birth of a Nation features a bizarre gang rape scene.

Calls to Parker are pending comment.

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