Kim Kardashian just proved Taylor Swift is a huge liar: Top Story

If you haven’t been living under a Hollywood rock, you’ve probably heard by now that Kim K; Kanye West, and Taylor Swift are still beefing over that “Famous” song  released earlier this year. In the song,  West, referenced Swift as a “Bitch” and claimed he had made her famous. The controversy first started after  West had noted that Swift had given her permission for use of the lyric, and the song entirely, indicating that she was okay with such.

But, Swift, later came out and said otherwise (however, we now know that was a lie).

Kim Kardashian took it upon herself over the weekend to settle the longstanding rumor as to whether or not Swift is actually lying about ever having even slightly indicated that she approved of the song.

If you haven’t seen the Snaps yet, head on over here.


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