Tamar Braxton-Herbert and Hubby Divorcing

Rumors are apparent for one Tamar Braxton and hubby Vincent Herbert. According to LovebScott.com,  the twosome is headed for divorce after Braxton was caught in a scandalous affair with another “high profile man”.

B Scott claims in its report that Tamar has been cheating for a while, meanwhile, Vincent allegedly hired a private eye to spy on Tamar to determine if the rumors and his suspicions were true.

He doesn’t know who Tamar is anymore. He says she’s not the same woman he married eight years ago,” said the source. “She’s too busy going on vacations to worry about the drama at home. He has the baby and that’s the only thing he’s concerned about.”

The same report goes on even further to claim that the two had a HUGE blow out after Vincent’s confrontation, in front  of two others, that resulted in pretty payoffs to keep mouthy people quiet.


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