ISTANBUL —  The horrific siege in Turkey remains underway, and, the world is watching.  As of this time, it remains unclear whether or not the military led coup was successful, although, all indicators point to that the President may indeed be overthrown.

Turkey’s military has long been seen as a defender of Turkey’s founding secular principles, something, that the country was once founded on. In the past, Turkey’s military has gone to great lengths to stage coups in 1960; 1997, and now 2016 to protect the country’s secular rights and beliefs as a nation.

Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s current president, took power more than a decade ago.   In recent years, he has become an alienated force among most Turks after taking control of the media; and now martial law, and his attempts to wager war against Turkish militants in the country’s southeast region.

More updates from inside troubled Turkey as the day goes on.

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