Here’s more on that Taylor Swift drama with boy toy Tom and ex Calvin Harris

And Calvin Harris, nonetheless.  According to what we’ve learned,  Calvin Harris and Swift, had more problems than originally reported. Despite Swift’s many attempts to appear wholesome and non diva-like in public, sources, say that’s farthest from the real Taylor Swift.

Sources exclusively tell The Daily News that one of the biggest problems that led to the demise of Harris and Swift was the “fact that Taylor was often very jealous, and, clingy.  She demanded that he follow her everywhere, and, specifically to the Grammy’s. When he didn’t, it, became a problem’.

But, there’s more.

Sources further indicate that the problems first started for real during  Harris’s much talked about car crash in May and his then stint in the hospital. Additional sources exclusively tell  The Daily News that Swift had “secretly moved in on Tom while  Harris was in the hospital getting treated from that car crash”.

The Daily News compiled and confirmed the claims made by our sources after we were able to verify that Swift met Harris at a Met Ball dinner in New York City at the home of Anna Wintour on 1 May.

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