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Wendy William ‘s backlash over those comments about HBCU ‘s

Wendy William’s is never one to, er, mince her words at least while on daytime television. But, uh,  her words appear to have finally got her into trouble according to reports. Fox News reports that Chevrolet has pulled out of an exclusive deal with Wendy over her comments regarding HBCU colleges.

Over the past few days, if you don’t know, I’ve been facing some really harsh criticism from our viewers and other people in the media because of my comments regarding racism,” she said on her show Monday. “One of my biggest critics was a journalist and activist Roland Martin, who I’ve known for several years, but he did what he thought he had to do.”

But, then, er, she continued when discussing Jesse William ‘s BET speech.

[His] speech was very poignant. On the other hand, I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically black colleges. What if there was the National Organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP,” she told her silent audience.

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