Adele sends hotel staff on wild adventure for particular pizza

Adele is known to the world for being one of the most down to earth singers in present day. But, even Adele, has her diva moments. According to The Daily Mail, Adele, reportedly sent hotel staff at a posh get away in Oxfordshire on a mass adventure to Kensington to get her favorite pizza from an eatery just outside of London. An, entire 70 miles away.

Hotel staff reportedly insisted that they could make their own pizza to Adele’s delight, but, she obviously wasn’t having it.

Via the Sun

A source tells the publication: ‘She was told they had the best ovens. But she insisted that staff fetch the pizza from her local company.

‘A member of staff drove all the way to London and came back with it. Unfortunately for Adele by that time it was 3am — and she was asleep.’

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