#BlackLivesMatter and why we’re rallying behind #FreeDeray

In the 13 years we’ve existed, we, have largely remained politically and socially silent to nix controversy over what we may or may not say. This time, perhaps, we’ve decided otherwise. Last night,  Black Rights activist Deray McKesson was arrested illegally in Baton Rouge Louisiana during a protest over the murders of Alton Sterling and the numerous other African American men who have lost their lives in the past week.

Call the Baton Rouge police department and demand the release of Deray and his protesters. 225-389-3800

All at the hands of police.

People are chanting “All Lives Matter”, but that isn’t true. All  lives will matter when people of color and African Americans can walk to a corner store for a snack, and, not get gunned down out of a stereotype because someone is scared. All lives will matter when we can leave; stand in front of, or have a conversation in front of a convenience store and not get shot 6 times claiming we were “violent” and had a gun — when video shows otherwise.

America has become a country rife with white privilege, a privilege so deeply strong, that our white counterparts are unable to see the unfair treatment and stereotypes that we face everyday.   Our white counterparts do not live in the same fear that we do.  The fear that whether we’ve caused trouble or not, walking out our front door(s), or going out on a Saturday night, we may not make it home alive.

All Lives Will Matter when we can go for a stroll; visit a store, or simply walk down the street and the first thought of a stranger or police isn’t “Grab your gun and shoot”.

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All Lives Don’t Matter. And America needs to stop pushing the narrative that they do. Because they don’t.   Deray’s arrest was caught on tape (via Periscope) last night whereas it was captured of him being slammed to the ground and then assaulted by police officers. Not just one, four police officers.  He, along with 33 others, remain imprisoned over their involvement in the protests that occurred over the weekend.

For the first time in the history of The Daily News, our Editor In Chief, who is of color himself came out in wild defense of the Black Lives Matter movement last night after social sparring matches with white counterparts last night. The exchange was captured for this very news piece.


We must stand up for ourselves.

We shall not be silenced.

Our lives matter.

The “Violent” stereotype has to stop.

It is costing innocent people their lives.

But yet, all lives matter right?


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