Black Lives Don’t Matter

This is an open-letter in response to the mass murders of Alton Sterling; Philando Castile, and the other gentlemen who lost their lives at the hands of racist cops who felt no better than to pull the trigger. Truth is, to those that are not black, Black Lives Don’t Matter.  And that’s a fact that we, as black human beings, have to face in our modern world.

In the past four years, dozens upon dozens of innocent black people have lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement. Sandra Bland;  Travyon Martin,  Eric Gardner, Michael Brown,  Alton Sterling, Philando Castile,  Tamir Rice,  I could go on. All of these people have had one thing in common: being black.

But in every case, in every murder, a conviction was never brought against any one single law enforcement officer involved.  So, that begs the question, do Black Lives really matter for those that aren’t black? The answer, is so evidently, a flat out loudly shouted no.

Racism in America is so rife right now, that, it’s almost a regular every day occurrence for an innocent black person to live in fear or be fearful to leave their home. People are now legitimately scared to live their lives freely, in, what is supposed to be The Land of The Free.

But are we really free? Or is freedom in America confined to the social realms closely grouped within the white supremacist groups that control most of America?  Should we continue to allow this?  Is social change really possible?  We may never know.

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We must demand that they stop killing us. We are not thugs; we are not bad people, we are just like everybody else. But, we live in a country, whereas, people like Donald Trump are instilling a sense of fear in regards to someone’s skin color. A sense of fear that makes white people fear someone walking towards them on the street, only, because they’re not white.

It must stop. This must stop. We must not let them ignite a civil war in America. That is exactly where we are headed, and, it’ll be deadlier than anyone ever imagined.

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