Monday Debrief: Abedin ‘s Deposition, The Queen’s Honour and More

It’s a new week, and, that means it’s time for the debrief.   Last week was an eventful week in the world of news, and, we’ve got plenty to round up for review.  Our deepest condolences go to the family’s involved in all of the bombings across the Middle East, and, in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Huma Abedin ‘s depostion

Clinton ‘s top aid was reportedly deposed in secret last week amid the final closings of Clinton ‘s e-mail investigation. In the deposition,  Abedin, admitted that Clinton on numerous occasions had ordered the burning of her own schedules. Read more in our top story report, here.

Also see other hot Clinton topics: The release of 1,000 emails courtesy of Wiki-leaks.

2.)  Prophet ‘s mosque bombed in Medina

Our hearts go out to those involved and hit by the many  suicide bombings currently rocking Saudi Arabia and abroad. News reports and our own published over the weekend confirmed that the Prophet’s holy mosque in Medina was bombed by twin suicide bombers. The death toll remains unknown. Read more, here.

3.)  Queen Elizabeth honors those in public service.

Queen Elizabeth II is no stranger to commencement ceremonies, and, this time is honoring t hose in public service.  Read more, In The Daily Mail.

4.)  UKIP leader Nigel Farage is out amid further tensions following Brexit.

The “leader” of the Brexit movement is out on his own accord just days after the shocking Brexit vote that resulted in the United Kingdom leaving Europe forever.   He, er, is now one of the most hated people in British politics. Read more in our top story report, here.

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