3 more terrorist attacks rock Islam ‘s holiest cities: Saudi Arabia

MEDINA—  While Americans were busy celebrating the Fourth of July, er, the rest of the world was reeling from terrorist attacks.  Saudi authorities confirmed Tuesday morning that over the weekend, 3, of the holiest sites in Islam were attacked by suicide bombers.

Saudi police confirmed to The Daily News that the Prophet’s mosque in Medina was among those attacked whereas cars and the like were lit on fire after suicide bombers detonated their devices. Security officers and two additional bombers were killed in gunfire with Saudi Arabian authorities. The attack comes on the heels of another suicide bombing just outside of the US consulate in Jiddah,  and, another attack at a Shiite Mosque in Eastern Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is now reportedly reviewing the potential threat of coordinated terrorist attacks in the country as ISIS views the western-allied Saudi monarchy as “an enemy of Islam”.

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