EXCLUSIVE: Unmasking America ‘s secret medical warehouses

WASHINGTON — In case you ever wondered whether or not America has stockpiled the needed medicines for much of the cures sought for some of the world’s deadliest diseases, never fear, this is all the proof required.   Numerous news outlets were first to report of “secret warehouses”  tentatively titled the Strategic National Stockpile. Beginning in the 1990’s, the secret facility was given authorization to stockpile billions in medical vaccines and antidotes.

Welp, there’s much more to the story than what America would like others to believe.. The Daily News managed to get its hands on blueprints and the like to one of the locations, and, the discovery was shocking.  Inside the medical laboratory, which, is “not public information” per government websites sits thousands of vaccines; medicines,  antidotes, and the like.

The blueprints (admission: The Daily News obtained these blueprints after they were stolen from a data facility) paint a picture of a facility that could potentially hold more antidotes than anyone has ever imagined.  Cold areas;  freezers, a trap door, and  an area that specifically has medicines that at some point “expire”. “It’s like a grocery store for disease cures, that, essentially, nobody knows even exists” says one reporter.

The facility per the CDC “is meant to extract vaccines and the like in a manner in which would call for intense treatment for America in the midst of a chemical attack (or the like) against the United States”.  Consider the SNS, similar, to say, the chemical weapons stockpile Syria once had during the Civil War — except — in the form of secret medicines and antidotes the government is keeping from the public.

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In case it couldn’t get anymore bizarre, it’s not just medicine in the location. One Daily News reporter who managed to obtain the information noted that “This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.  Some of the most known diseases in history, more than likely, have a cure in this facility”.

Why the American government refuses to declassify information about the SNS, is, by all means, unknown.

Alike other facilities (this particular location featured a cold area (presumably for drugs; vaccines, and the like) that needed a cold area to survive.  Stockpiled antidotes believed to possibly be cures for some of the most prominent diseases in modern-day, and, allegedly enough vaccinations and cures that “could stop a chemical attack”.

Perhaps the most intricate part of the facility, is, that it is much more cloaked than say the CIA. Information about the Central Intelligence Agency is much more readily available than these facilities.  In the words of our reporter, “If you’ve ever been called a conspiracy theorist for saying a cure for something like cancer exists, think twice, google the SNS”.

This article is part of a series on American government secrets and is considered priority. The information deemed in this article is considered partially top-secret, but, we published it anyway because we felt that America should become privy to this information.

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