Daily News distances itself from Republican convention

In recent instances, it, has long been rumored that SHK is a Republican himself — but — that could remain up for debate. In truthfulness, The Daily News, is a conservative leaning newspaper that has never actually labeled itself one particular party (at least in the United States).  After recent weeks of erroneous comments from Donald Trump, The Daily News, has decided that although particularly invited to the convention — we will not be attending.

The Daily News strongholds its efforts to include everybody, including, women and minorities.  We refuse to support or financially support an individual or a party that knowingly discriminates against other people.  As of this writing, none of the three invited staff members will be attending the RNC later this year.

We are an organization that prides itself on the inclusion of al kinds of people. Therefore, we cannot find it in our hearts to attend the Republican convention this year.

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