5 Questions with Singer Lana Del Rey

Her sounds have captivated millions, while some, are just learning who she is. Meanwhile, there’s no denying that  Grammy nominated  Elizabeth  Grant, best known to the world as none other than Lana Del Rey — is a talented gem herself.   We’re back with our latest 5 Questions series interview with the “Freak” singer, who, isn’t one to mince her words.

When asked about her thoughts on Donald Trump and that Elle UK interview.

Del Rey:  “Like the Elle interview, I,  had  allot to say about politics.  I wanted to be informed before making a decision, to, see whether or not each candidate whether Democrat or Republican was actually making feasible promises.

Are you excited about your gigs this summer?

Del Rey: Music has always been my escape, so yeah, I’d say I’m pretty excited about what the summer has in store.

What would you tell a fan who wanted to get into music?

Del Rey: It would be something so out of the ordinary, that, I would literally just tell them uniqueness is important.

Are you excited for your concerts in Colombia?

Del Rey: Yes. I’m super stoked to be a part of something so big coming to South America for the first time. This should totally be something memorable.

What’s one thing you want your fans to know about you?

Del Rey: My music would be a great way to define the way I think on the inside.

This interview was conducted in secret as part of our 50 stars 50 interview project in late May. 

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