Round up: Everything we’ve discovered on that Orlando Shooter

Details of the Orlando Shooter (blacked out) are continuing to make way for the mass media. According to FBI agents in the United States,  (“unnamed”) was reportedly investigated and cleared by the Federal Bureau of Investigations twice (both for guns; and terrorism connections).

According to a previous co-worker of (unnamed), he, had been involved with the FBI twice over the past four years for alleged comments at work indicating to co-workers that he had  made some unusually substantial comments that he may have had some pretty serious ties to a terror cell.  Authorities had been aware of such for years.

Sources have since claimed to numerous outlets that the shooter had “no plausible” connection whether online or offline indicating an affiliation with ISIS. But instead, he himself, later turned around and pledged allegiance to the dominant terror group.

According to police sources and additional reports, the shooter had apparently purchased a .223-caliber AR-15-type assault rifle and a 9mm semi-automatic pistol exactly one week before he massacred Club Pulse.  He was able to do such despite being on the FBI’s terror radar.

A former co-worker tells The Los Angeles Times that he had quit his job at GS4 (that federal security contractor) amid harassing texts and calls from the shooter at one point in time that didn’t stop.  Furthermore, he notes that during his employment the shooter was often “dangerous” “bigoted” and hated women; blacks, and lesbians.

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