The latest on the Orlando Terrorist Attacks

As the world continues to learn more about the deadly terrorist attack that rocked Orlando, and, essentially targeted the LGBTQ community in America —  heartbreaking details continue to emerge.  Late last night,  a Florida mother emerged to reporters after it was confirmed that her son Eddie had been savagely murdered in the bathroom of the Pulse Nightclub on that fatal night.

“I’m going to die” “I love you mommy” “He’s coming” were the final messages Mina Justice received from her son before he along  with others in the bathroom were victims of the most horrific terrorist attack in American history.  As of this writing, 53 appears to be the confirmed number dead with many having already been identified.

US authorities are working around the clock to determine whether or not terror cells are working to target other cities and major pride parades and gatherings.

From The Daily News to our readers and fellow gay and lesbian and trans brothers and sisters in America and in Orlando.  Stay brave, stay strong, we stand with you. Nobody knows if our community is going to get attacked again, but, we must not let them believe we stand in fear. 

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