The Daily News has a message in response to #Orlando

Every year, we hold the same party, but this year is a bit different.  In about a month’s time, we are set to mark our 13th anniversary as a news agency and one of the world’s first all-gay controlled news agency’s.   Over the weekend, the last thing we expected to hear was that less than two hours from a hotspot we had planned to use for our party — dozens — of innocent young men and women were viciously and savagely murdered in one of the most horrific bloodbaths to occur on American soil since the September 11th attacks that brought down the Twin Towers.

Our Editor & Chief, SHK,  has decided that the party must go on despite the fears of further terrorist plots against the LGBTQ community.   A message directly from Khan himself.

As someone who is openly gay, and proud of it, I was truly horrified to learn that a nightclub I have personally been to had been viciously attacked in a terrorist attack that will be remembered forever.  Dozens of innocent young men and women lost their lives, essentially, for no reason whatsoever.   I hold the very same fears everybody else has and now does. As an openly gay Muslim, I,   live in a commonly known sense of fear that like others I to have a double-target over my head.  We must not these situations deter us from our lives and living like everybody else.  It is a dreadful shame that (we won’t name him here)  decidedly opened fire for no reason other than his own apparent mental issues and discrepancies in his own life”.

As of this writing, we’re not sure where the party will be held as of this time. We have spoken to Florida officials who have asked us to either move the location or suspend the festivities entirely in the state until further notice.

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