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Cops release more details on the murder of Christina Grimmie

Just hours after it was confirmed that 22-year-old singer and former Voice contestant Christina Grimmie had been shot dead, police, have released more details on her sudden murder. Grimmie, 22, was murdered last night by what police say was a “deranged fan” who traveled from another t own in Florida deliberately targeting Grimmie.

Police reportedly held a presser in Orlando confirming that there was no security, at least armed, at Grimmie ‘s Before You Exit concert at the Plaza. A feat, that has caused some concern for future concert-goers and performers at the same venue. Police say that there were “no pat downs” or metal detectors that would have been able to detect the loaded magazines; two guns, and a hunting knife the suspect had on him during the attack.

The suspect, who has not been identified, died on the scene. Grimmie, died early this morning after losing her battle to her serious injuries. She was in critical condition for about 3 hours.

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