Sabrina De Sousa ‘s story is all but familiar

Thanks in part by failure on behalf of the CIA to help her before the time period to help her lapses. In an interview with ABC News Sabrina De Sousa, is fearful that she will end up in jail for the next four years — specifically — in Italy. Here’s how it all began.

According to reports; documents we’ve obtained, and bits from ABC, De Sousa has been implicated in the 2003 abduction of Osama Mustafa Hassan Nasr an Egyptian cleric and terror suspect. The problem? The abduction occurred in Milan, and, De Sousa herself, was no where near the abduction site when it happened.

But, that hasn’t stopped  Italian officials from convicting her of breaking laws and readying to throw her in jail. ABC confirmed that De Sousa has since been living in Portugal, and, attempting to fight her extradition.  The U.S is reportedly refusing to help her, as, they “don’t w ant to implicate or cause trouble for anybody else that was involved”.

As of Wednesday, De Sousa, reportedly lost her final appeal against extradition to Italy.

“The US government won’t intervene because they don’t want me implicating anyone else as I try to counter the charges against me,” de Sousa tells ABC.

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