The truth about that $12,000 Armani Jacket and Hillary Clinton

Leading up to Clinton’s big win and historic moment as the first woman to clinch a major political party’s nomination in the United States, perhaps, there was much more discussion going on on the internet over a jacket worn by the Democratic nominee.  Snopes has since ug into the jacket’s story, which, first saw its life take flight on the internet after The New York Post claimed that the jacket had cost $12,000 and was worn by Clinton in an April speech about income inequality.

But, the jacket doesn’t cost $12,000, er, at least not anymore. Fashionista dug into the jacket’s pricing history at  Armani and determined that just before the photos surfaced of Clinton in the jacket, the price, had been dropped to just under $7,600.

Original reports claimed that the jacket had cost much more, and, that Clinton’s view on middle class Americans and “better wages” was  visually superficial.

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