Review: #CrownCoastUmbrellas gets the Daily News treatment

This product was received under an agreement with Crown Coast Umbrellas that resulted in The Daily News receiving the product at either a rate of FREE, or heavily discounted.

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Star rating: ***

Final comments: Crown Coast Umbrellas are both durable; fun, and easily fit into your knapsack on a rainy day.  Probably the most durable umbrella (weather wise) we’ve come across yet.

Reason for three star rating:  We’re not sure if this happened in packaging, or, the umbrella was just this way. The top part of the umbrella that holds the handle and the  top part together, perhaps, arrived at our offices loose.

After about a week and a half of honestly using the umbrella in various weather conditions, we, can say that the umbrella has stood its worth pretty well. We’ve used it in 40 mph winds; rain storms, and a bad bout with rain in South Florida.  The umbrella, perhaps, survived all of the above.


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