The real truth about Elizabeth Holmes and her Theranos’ fortune

LOS ANGELES —  Yesterday, saw one particular article see publication that quickly drew criticism. Forbes, published an article on none other than Therano ‘s CEO Elizabeth Holmes (whom is under federal investigation by nearly half-a-dozen U.S agencies).  In the article,  Forbes, claims that Holmes’ is now worth essentially nothing.

Yes, nothing.

In their argument, Forbes, argues that the “realistic” value of Theranos is actually around $800m rather than $9 billion.  “Holmes’ 50% stake at a valuation of $800m leaves her worth practically nothing”.  Except, there’s a small issue with Forbes’ assessment on Holmes wealth even at such a valuation.

$400,000,000 is allot of freaking money.

The Forbes article mysteriously reads more like a smear campaign (and, a poorly written one at that) instead of an interesting valuation of Holmes’ personal net worth in present day even under federal investigation.


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