Critics divided on latest X-Men: Apocalypse

Despite the star-studded cast, it, appears that Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse couldn’t withstand the wrath of critics.  Critics have largely panned the film, citing, essentially that it is (“boring”).

Morgenstern over at the WSJ argues “A film which I wouldn’t recommend, but then I wouldn’t recommend seeing it in any D,” he writes at the Wall Street Journal. “Enormous goings on keep going on, and on, in X-Men: Apocalypse, a collection of explosions, eruptions and conflagrations that suggests the implosion of a franchise,” he writes. “This is surprising, as well as disappointing.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Never for a moment does this X-Men revisit the issues of tribal prejudice, minority rights, and alienation that made his earlier films so compelling.” “Even die-hard Comic-Con fans can take only so much of” what Covert calls a “hollow, unfocused mess.”

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