LONDON —  World leaders far-and-wide and in between are cautious and worrisome over the  June vote that may result in Britain leaving the European Union.   Local leaders like David Cameron have been doing (“their best”) to champion a last ditch effort to get voters out to stop the Brexit, however,  such moves are only partially working.

Conservative leaders in Britain and beyond are arguing  that such an exit would “harm the  economy” and provide  wiggle  room for further problems in England.  U.S President Barack Obama warned last month that a “Brexit would put Britain at the back of the line for trade deals and the like with the United States”.

Pro-Brexit economists, perhaps, have disputed the claims that the British economy would suffer from a Brexit. Per reports, economists estimate that a Brexit would improve the economy by at least 4%.

The Brexit Referendum is scheduled to take place on 23 June, and, has a strong possibility of changing the course of Britain’s future forever.

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