Kay Jewelers in hot water amid reports their rings are fake

If you’re a recent or longtime customer of popular  American jeweler Kay Jewelers (think those really annoying “Every Kiss Begins With K” commercials) you might want to pay close attention. In a recent barrage of articles,  Buzzfeed, cracked down on Kay after several women came forward claiming that their diamonds had been swapped out for  fakes by the jeweler.

So, how’d it happen? Per Buzzfeed, one woman, who had her diamond inspected and sent in every six months per Kay’s policy (“noticed something suspicious”) about the diamond. To make matter worse, er,  it later emerged after a complaint from a service employee that the diamond ring was missing its serial number inside of the ring.

Most of the women note that they closely inspected their rings themselves, and, discovered that either the gems were misplaced or “appeared suspicious” as if they weren’t real. (The particular lady with a missing serial number has reportedly contacted police).

In statements released this morning,  Kay Jewelers denied the allegations.

Every year we’ve got millions of transactions and millions of repairs we are processing in our stores,” and such cases are “minimal.” the jeweler reportedly told Buzzfeed News.

Been to  Kay Jewelers lately? One of the women with a fake ring? We’d like to talk to you.  Sultan would like to speak with you about your jewel experience with Kay (please provide photos of your ring, and if at all, whether or not a serial number appears).  We are in search of other people who may be missing serial numbers in their rings. [Email: SultanK91@icloud.com].


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