Bill Cosby ordered to stand trial, faces 10 years in prison if convicted

PENNSYLVANIA —  Legendary comedian Bill Cosby could very well spend his final moments on earth in prison if Andrea Costrand has anything to say about it.   The criminal case against Bill Cosby (please note: at this time Bill Cosby has not formally been convicted, so, he is not legally a criminal yet) is only getting worse.

A judge, per reports, ruled that Cosby must stand trial for the criminal case lodged against his likeness dating back to a 2004 sexual romp involving Andrea Costrand at his home. Costrand, claims that she was drugged; manipulated, and eventually sexually assaulted while “out of it”.  Cosby, however, claims the encounter was consensual and no wrong doing was present.

District judge Elizabeth McHugh in Montgomery County  reportedly “found and determined that probable cause existed to indicate Bill Cosby was involved in a crime”. If convicted, Cosby will spent 10 years in prison (and at almost 80 years old, he wouldn’t be free until almost well into 90 years of age).

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