Trump gets NRA endorsement, declares he will remove gun free zones in U.S

KENTUCKY — At a recent NRA forum in Kentucky, to no surprise, Donald Trump got the National Rifle Association’s endorsement for his presidential run.  And with such an endorsement, perhaps, came an interesting declaration (and, what appears to be another fabrication from Trump)  subsequently.

Following the endorsement, Trump declared that he will “ban gun free zones in America”. Yes, that means banks; schools, and the like would not be able to ban guns in Trump’s America.

In his statements, Trump noted that “outside is a dangerous place” “crimes are committed” and that “Heartless Hillary” wants to take away our second amendment right to bear arms.  The problem , perhaps, is that Clinton has never actually advocated for abolishing the second amendment entirely (but, she has advocated for gun control..).

The irony in Trump’s statements include  the fact that many of Trump’s organizations, alike other places, include bans on guns and other firearms. Of those, pointed out by the Huffington Post Trump Hotel in Chicago and his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

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