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Reports: Trump lied on financial documents regarding veteran fundraisers

KENTUCKY — Looks like Donald Trump is in hot-water over claims that he had raised  $6m for veterans during a January-February fundraiser when he had notably skipped a Fox News debate. According to reports, Donald Trump’s campaign manager has come forth revealing that Trump indeed did lie about the amount he raised (which was no where near $6m).

What he said was, ‘We hope to get $6 million.’ He said this at an event where we were trying to get money. It was a best guess,” Lewandowski said. “That was his goal. His goal was to get somewhere around $6 million.”

There were some individuals who he’d spoken to, who were going to write large checks, (who) for whatever reason … didn’t do it,” Lewandowski told The Post by telephone. “I can’t tell you who.”

The Washington Post notes that Trump raised about $4m give or take.

Trump himself has not addressed the claims that he was dishonest

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