Egypt Air Flight 804 reportedly hijacked, crashes into sea: Reports

CAIRO — Egyptian officials are scrambling to contain reports of an alleged terrorist hijacking of an Egypt Air plane that resulted in said plane reportedly crashing shortly after it took off. According to aviation; Egyptian, French, and American officials the death toll has not yet been confirmed as only debris have been found at this time.

The plane, reportedly bound from Paris to Cairo had a reported 66 people on board (however, this hasn’t been fully confirmed by The Daily News). French president Francois Hollande confirmed that French officials have “found evidence that this plane is down and it is lost”.

Egyptian Air  Flight 804 vanished shortly after 2:00 am this morning local time, disappearing entirely from air traffic control view upon entering Egyptian airspace.  At 4:26 am, air traffic control and aviation officials tell The Daily News that “some sort of signal” was omitted from the plane, it, is unknown what that signal was.

Different reports have reported a wide number of passengers aboard, some, in the hundreds others as small as 66  and even 56.

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