The Conservatives Are At It Again

And this time featuring a racist cartoon starring none other than U.S First Lady Michelle Obama.   The Root picked up an interesting cartoon barked upon the conservatives in the Republican party in America. Michelle Obama, has long been plagued by racial depictions of her heritage along with her husbands — before — and even after his election to Presidency of The United States.

Thus, shall not forget the infamous photo of Obama on the cover of The New Yorker as what was conceived as a “terrorist”” gun-wielding afro-haired lady throwing up a controversial jab.  The attacks on Obama are nonetheless, nonstop.  The latest cartoon to appear on the internet, is, both senseless and a reminder of how low some will sink to attack the First Family of the United States.

The cartoon, pictured to the right, features  Michelle as an overly-masculine woman whilst picturing Melania Trump as what many see as “The perfect First Lady” (at least in Trump’s world).

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