And they’re just as juicy as one might expect.  According to FEC forms filed by Clinton, she between 2013 and 2015 made a cool  $21.5m per speech costs and other appearance related gigs. The disclosure of the forms comes after Clinton filed them with the FEC last week per candidate guidelines to run for President of the United States.

Here’s what we learned from Clinton’s financial disclosures.

In 2015, Clinton earned more than $5m from her book Hard Choices.

Clinton made at least 94 appearances both personal; professional, and of corporate interest-like between 2013 and 2015  For these appearances, perhaps, Clinton earned more than $21.6m .  Some of these speeches and appearances included likes of Wall Street heavyweights, some of which, has spurred concerns over whether or not she is truly transparent.

Through last November,  Bill Clinton reaped more than $5m from tech interests; special interests  and the corporate-like.  The disclosures also confirmed that Clinton (Bill) earned an undisclosed amount of money from Dubai-based Varkey GEMS Foundation and Laureate Education Inc., a global for-profit education firm.

Federal documents filed per appropriate laws and communications with the AP confirmed that of all 80 something companies that were involved in Clinton’s appearances, she,  was involved with companies that actively tried to sway government policies and procedures.

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